Diving First Aid for Professional Divers

Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) developed the Diving First Aid for Professional Divers (DFA Pro) course specifically for individuals who dive as part of their job duties and who may have to comply with health and safety regulations or other institutional requirements.


This includes people who are employed as commercial divers, scientific divers, public safety divers as well as divers who are employed by or volunteer at aquariums.

Since much of the content draws from DAN’s core diving first aid courses, this programme is also well suited for dive professionals such as divemasters and dive instructors.

Dive accidents are rare, but they may require prompt, specific action.  This course addresses topics required by health and safety guidelines, including blood-borne pathogens.

Other topics include scene safety, oxygen administration, neurological assessment, CPR, as well as use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and first aid for injuries from marine life.

This course assumes that the injured diver has been removed from the water and all scuba gear or other equipment has been removed (this training is available from other agencies).

The sequencing of topics follows from a “most likely” scenario to a more “urgent care” one.  Secondary care is covered in the latter part of the course.

Successful completion of the Diving First Aid for Professional Divers course includes demonstration of skill competency and passing a knowledge assessment.  Upon completion, you
will receive a provider certificate indicating that you have been trained in basic life support (including CPR) and first aid measures.