Neurological Assessment

The Neurological Assessment course trains participants to perform a basic neurological examination as part of the initial medical evaluation.

There are two primary goals of this programme:

  1. Provide first responders with the skills necessary to discover signs of acute neurological injury
  2. Minimise treatment delays through rapid activation of emergency medical services (EMS)

Successful completion of the Neurological Assessment course includes demonstrating skill competency and passing a final knowledge assessment. Upon completion, you will receive
a provider card indicating that you have been trained in basic neurological assessment techniques.


This course will teach you how to:

  • record history of events leading up to injury
    • for divers this will include recording the injured diver's dive activities and dive profiles within previous 24hrs leading up to injury
    • conduct a F.A.S.T test to quickly identify abnormalities
    • complete S.A.M.P.L.E
    • record comments of dive buddy or witnesses to the event
  • record vital signs
  • perform a mental function test
  • test for impairment of the cranial nerves
  • perform a motor function test
  • test coordination and balance