DAN Paedriatric module

The Paediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) module and Paediatric AED (PAED) module, represents entry-level training designed to educate persons in providing Basic Life Support techniques to children and infants with life threatening injuries.

It is not sufficient as a stand-alone program, as there is no review of other life threatening medical emergencies. It is designed as an add-on to the BLS or BLSD Course.

Course Options:

  • Paediatric BLS module as supplement to the DAN BLS Course
  • Paediatric BLSD module as supplement to the DAN BLSD course

Course objective
The DAN Paediatric Basic Life Support provider module is designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to children and infants.
The Paediatric AED module, explains and teaches participants how to use an AED and deliver defibrillation shocks to a child from 1 to 8 years of age using paediatric AED Pads and proper pad placement.